Battle of the bay: Memphis Business Academy Vs. the Trezevant High School Bears


Thursday night lights for the battle of the bay was the story line for a North Memphis rivalry. Memphis Business Academy versus  the Trezevant High School Bears. The two North Memphis schools have created a friendly rivalry.

Both teams were 0-3 and this was a game where both schools are evenly matched. What started off as a slow night for MBA after the  first quarter became a rushing party as freshman standout Khamoni Williams put 901sportscast on notice for a name to remember for years to come. The 5-foot-11 running back is a bruiser with speed.

Only a freshman but has so much potential to be another special prospect to come from Memphis, Tennessee. Another player that got things going in the air and with his feet was sophomore Marcus Person. The sophomore quarterback was the reason 901sportscast came out to support. He said Come see us play don’t let our record fool you and it didn’t as they controlled the game from start to finish winning 34-6 against the Trezevant Bears. Person scored two touchdowns for his team once in the air and a quarterback sneak for a 5-yard rushing touchdown.

Memphis Business Academy doesn’t get enough recognition but they have some special pieces that have college potential. Trezevant has maybe 40 players on their roster but those young men play extremely hard.

The bears had a bright spark in junior Kylan Perry who plays quarterback, defensive back, and running back. Perry doesn’t come out the game and gives it his all. The 5-foot-10 athlete is a raw talent that has pthe potential to be a great defensive back.


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